Dubbed as the “Island Born of Fire”, Camiguin is an island paradise that has a diversified landscape full of nature’s wonders from rich to the reef. This verdant island boasts an ASEAN Heritage Park filled with rare species of birds, flora and fauna endemic to the island. A 64-kilometer circumferential road around the island gives you easy access to its myriad of natural wonders such as a soda water pool, towering waterfalls, a hot spring, cold springs, and beaches among others. Whether you bike, hike, scuba dive, free dive, take a swim, sunbathe, snorkel, watch the sunrise and sunset, or take a culinary tour around the island, Camiguin will surely yield great limitless adventures for you.


You can fly from Cebu to Camiguin Airport or take a ferry from Balingoan, Misamis Oriental to Benoni Wharf to get to Camiguin Island.





Mantigue Island

This is undoubtedly the most instagrammable place in Camiguin with a perfect backdrop of the island’s ocean and mountains. This is also one of the most well-preserved marine sanctuaries which makes it a most popular dive site with giant hawksbill turtles, schools of jacks, and an impressive collection of marine life, a rich thriving collection of soft and hard corals amid a jaw-dropping seascape.

Old Church Ruins and Sunken Cemetery

These National Cultural Treasures are remnants of Camiguin’s Spanish Colonial Past which survived the 1871 eruption of Mt. Vulcan. The moss-covered coral stone walls are what remains of the Church, its Convent, and its Bell Tower. The nearby Cemetery, which sank because of the eruption, is marked with a giant cross. This area is perfect for a prenup or a sunset pictorial. Underwater, the cemetery is now a fish sanctuary with a lush coral garden, a  popular dive and snorkeling site on the island.


Scuba Diving/Snorkeling

Camiguin’s more than thirty dive sites are among some of our country’s most pristine owing to the active marine conservation programs by the local government which is a model for sustainable dive tourism.  The variety of seascapes and marine life is so amazing that it is one of the most popular destinations for free divers, scuba divers, and underwater photographers.

Island Tour

Rent a motorbike, a motorela, or a van to go around the island’s 64-kilometer circumferential road to tour around all the tourist attractions on the island, sample the local cuisine, and interact with the friendly locals. Choose from the limitless options to complete your island adventure.



Known to have the sweetest Lanzones in the world because of the rich volcanic soil, a trip to Camiguin wouldn’t be complete without eating the zesty sweet Lanzones. This small, round, yellow tropical fruit grows abundantly in bunches on the Island of Camiguin and they have a festival to celebrate every year! This fruit is said to be the nectar of the gods according to the local lore. Once you get a taste of it, you can’t stop eating until you finish the whole bunch!

Chicken Surol

Surol is a famous chicken recipe traditionally prepared with native chicken, coconut milk, and the oregano herb. It is Camiguin’s very own version of the medicinal and soothing chicken soup with a twist! One spoonful Surol is an excellent symphony of savory-spicy-creamy flavors that will add an unforgettable culinary experience to your trip to Camiguin.


Pastel de Camiguin

No one leaves Camiguin island without a box of the famous  Pastel de Camiguin. These delectable small and soft buns with a surprising and sweet yema (custard) center is a favorite pasalubong treat. The locals say that this is more delicious as it is made with fresh Camiguin spring water!  Over the years, Pastel has evolved to have other variants such as chocolate, mango, durian, ube, and cheese. It is perfect with Camiguin’s traditional tablea hot chocolate drink.

Nito basket

Nito, a wild vine that thrives on the island of Camiguin, is woven by local artisans into one-of-a-kind works of art in the form of baskets, trays, bags, and covers for jars and other pottery. A lot of love and creativity is put into each intricate piece making it a precious souvenir to bring home from your Camiguin adventure.


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